WRFC is the oldest men's club rugby team in Delaware, and the document with our 40 year history is finally complete. Special thanks to Kevin Barry, Wilmington's PhD Historian who took the time to do the research and write the 52 page document below.

WRFC History - Click link to view

This is a living document that will be updated annually. Do you have some information that you think should be added? If so send an email to history@wilmingtonrugby.com.

Above: Found at Wilmington's beloved Rockford Park is the historic Rockford Tower.  The 100+ year old 115 foot tall stone tower was originally built to serve as a water tower for the city of Wilmington. This tower is now famous in Delaware for being used on the WRFC crest.


Wilmington is also the only team listed on The Rugby Reader's Review list of 100 Famous Ruggers. Along with the likes of George W Bush, Mark Cuban, and Andre the Giant you will find us!